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Waste Management at Events

The Greater Victoria region is teaming with events and community gatherings. Not only are these great settings to convene, but they present opportunities to showcase local organisations! 

The Diverters' Foundation is proud to announce that we are ready to help events run their waste programs.  We have a team of dedicated diverters ready to assist or run the waste management at any event big or small. 

Canada Day 2023! Success!

On Victoria's legislature lawn along Belleville St., The Diverters enjoyed a day full of sun, music, and epic waste sorting! With 3 teams of Diverters working over 12 hours, we managed the whole day's waste by emptying bins and sorting the refundables. All while connecting with event participants and the region!  


Hire a Diverters Team for your next event! 

Events are critical for bringing communities together. We believe these are opportunities for education as well as additional income for Diverters. 

Having a team of Diverters adds to any event! We offer a range of services that span from simple waste and recycling sorting, all the way to managing the event's waste streams as a whole! In addition to these services, we also can host a table about the  variety of environmental issues that our community (and our world!) are facing! 

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