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Our History

The Diverters' Foundation was initially created to be an arm of the Binners' Project, the Vancouver based nonprofit organization that also provides economic opportunities for low-income residents. Since then, it has been a long road to organized starting first as an informal community group with Our Place Society in Victoria. After choosing the name, 'Diverters', the rest is history! 

A look through the years

Started as The Victoria Binners Project, a joint venture between Vancouver Binners' Project and Our Place Society with input of members of the binners/diverters/waste picker community.


Grassroots Origins

Diverters are people that depend on income from returning refundable containers. Although this can be a solitary venture, examples from around the world show us how organizing into groups can be massively transformative for local waste management systems and the actors within them (see our resources page for more). With these initial inspirations of organizing, the Diverters came together as an unofficial community group with Our Place Society. 

The Diverters' Foundation - Est. 2020

After a group of dedicated volunteers came together with some of Victoria's Diverters, a nonprofit foundation was founded under the principles of environmental stewardship, social equity, and economic opportunity. 

By Diverters, For Diverters

Since our founding, the Diverters' Foundation has been working to develop projects that provide additional economic opportunities for Diverters. 

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