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Business Pick-Up Program

The Business Pickup Project coordinates with business and residential building in Greater  Victoria to arrange for a Diverter to retrieve their returnables (bottles and cans) on a regular schedule.

Why have your returnables picked up? 


Business pick-ups allow Diverters to gain income from refunds, reduce the stigma associated with diverting, and to build community relationships.

Benefits to Diverters


Having bottles and cans picked up reduces the amount of material going off island to far away recycling plants and keeps the impact local! 

Benefits to Businesses

Germinated Plant

Recycled materials don't often make it into a new product's life cycle. The deposit system ensures we are transforming waste into a resource. 

Benefits to Environment

Requirements to Participate: 

  1. The location must be safe and secure for the Diverters

  2. The location must have rooms for the bins we use for the BPP.  We use 131 liter bins.

  3. The amount of refundables must be worth it for the Diverters to come and do the service call (we value the time invested by our members)

  4. The service calls must be during the time the bottle depot is open (9am-4pm)

Set Up a Consult

Let us know what your business is and how we can help you reduce your recycling load! 

coordinator email here

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